SikobaPay Betatesters

This page contains useful instructions and links for betatesters of the SikobaPay mobile app

About Beta Testing

Testing SikobaPay only makes sense if you know other users, so please make sure to invite people you know. You can also join the betatesters Telegram channel where you can find other users to connect with.

Note that any transactions done during beta testing will be deleted from the system before production launch.

How Beta Testing Works

Android users can find the SikobaPay app on Google Play.

iOS users can self-enroll for beta testing via (you may need to install the TestFlight app first.)


Send an email to
You will receive a beta key in return


Download the app and create your account
You will register using your mobile phone number


Create connections and credit lines
Connect with your business partners and friends, grant credit lines,
decide who can use your credit lines.


Test the app
Pay or request payments, watch as credits and debits are cleared automatically.


Send us a feedback
We are aware that the app is still far from perfect, so any feedback is very welcome!

Useful Links

  • DOCUMENTATION: the work-in-progress documentation is currently in a google doc that anyone can comment on. There is also a google doc to add feedback
  • BETA KEYS (needed for all betatesters): To participate in beta testing, you need a beta key. This can be obtained easily just by sending an email (with any content, even an empty email will do) to
  • ANDROID USERS: go to the Google Play Store and look for the sikobaPlay app. You will need a beta key to create your account.
  • iOS USERS: you can self-enroll for beta testing via this link: You will need a beta key to create your account.
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